March 25, 2023

18 thoughts on “Zimbabwean lady rejects boyfriend’s proposal in public

  1. Its a pity how the surprise ended. Out there there are many girls desperately looking for guys who are willing to marry to an extent of wanting to be married by already married man. These type of guys are actually rare to find. Hobho juss want kudya bota then disappear into thin air.

    Whateva reservations she had, she didn’t have to humiliate him in public like that. It wldnt be a story if she played cool in public and air her reservations kuseri…. Karma was watching and will neva miss address.

  2. The problem was those hwindis who made serious noise like rank marshals or yankies on a cattle dipping centre.An ordinary person will not like such nonsense,this guy must know the right place and environment not everywhere.See now the toms and jacks were behaving,kunge pa dhibha remombe

    1. How can u say that that girt is juss something else atori nemhepo dzekumusha kwavo dzisina chakanaka. Who daznt love surprise engagement and to top the world is full of irresponsible man vasingade even to say sorry. He went on his knees and she flee like moron she is

  3. No she is lying she has another boyfriend or another story besides this
    If she rejected him in public then why look for him in public also a few moments later

  4. It has been an eye sore especially along riverside Mutare , drive way there is constant pollution from dust blown off from the road which should be tarred to avoid inhaling . where are you EMA you spent most of your time on pet issue and ignore essentil items.High density is the hive of pollution just park your car outside and you will notice the uniform.

  5. The lady is not yet serious, still searching and she is not a type of dating a single guy…she is a pro…..tute,and very disgusting

  6. She is a pawn or the boyfriend does not qualify to her standard.He is between 60_80% but not 100% in her heart

  7. Here we have ladies who aren’t even in relationships not by choice mind you and yet you do this to a guy you claim to love. She should have been proud that he was declaring his love in public

  8. its understandable its not the way media is painting the picture she did not reject completely meaing it will still happened because she wanted it to be done privately ,its better we have clarity

  9. That’s nonsense. Young girls out there are looking for marriage. Varume tichatoita 10 vakadzi iwe otodada .leave her bro go and marry a young one

  10. Not faithful at all this lady
    And I think she have another boyfriend and including ma spirit of prostitution can work at a such place
    My advice to that man find someone better who will value you, respect and love you

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